Kevin Guiselin


Since 2007 and my first travels in China, I have been immediately fascinated by this country, its inhabitants and its heritage. After a bachelor in local development and territories, I started my professional life in E-commerce (manager of fresh products department in a warehouse in France), then in China as a project manager for a Chinese logistics firm. Back in France after a few years, I managed a logistics warehouse for two years, before deciding to create my own firm in November 2014.

In fact, linking France and China by their 特产 (pronounced "techan") or cultural specialties, and so linking these countries by what characterize them the most, that's my purpose. During my expatriation, I traveled in China because I wanted to discover these specialties which define it. And, thanks to that, I developed a professional and friendly network (also called 关系 in Chinese), and improved my linguistic and cultural knowledge of this huge land.



Moreover, one of my passion is also linking the discover of local specialties (特产 techan) with travelling. That's the reason why my other purpose is to make travelers discover, on the field, an authentic France. In 2015, I got a tour guide certificate, and the "ambassador of South of France"'s label, which allowed me to ensure a quality accompanying in Chinese or English.